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Like a Tree

Artists: Ken Yang

1.Like a Tree NT$0
2.Childlike Happiness NT$0
3.Dear Tree NT$0
4.Tiptoes NT$0
5.Reeds in the Wind NT$0
6.Reaching Dawn NT$0
7.A Prayer for Healing NT$0
8.The Dance of Cherry Blossoms (Duo version) NT$0

Following up with the success of his albums ¡§Meet the Sky¡¨ and ¡§Sixty to Sixteen¡¨, Wind Music founder Ken Yang has made another, ¡§Like a Tree¡¨. Different from the first two, which were like milestones of different phases of his life, this album focuses on the inherent nature of life and creation. Revolving around simple piano melodies, Ken¡¦s creative inspiration on this album came from life experiences and naturalistic observation. He invited his old friend and highly accomplished cellist Fan Tsung-pei to shoulder the tasks of arrangement and production, which not only led to greater sparks of creativity but also has given the album a richer musical aesthetic.

While emotionally connecting with nature, Ken has discovered that humans and trees share a spiritual similarity: As we root ourselves into this land, we also extend ourselves upward into the boundless sky and freedom. Music, artistic creation, and sharing are paths by which connections are made interpersonally, between people and trees, and between people and all other forms of life. The aim of this album is to share the beauty of life and provide healing to people with music that creates intangible connections to serve as a mutual source of strength for all.

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