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Winds Music
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It's all about Life, Nature and Spirituality

A musical treasure rooted in the East;
We adopt modern and innovative approaches;
Seeking to invite the whole world to hear the music.

Sharing music as the Core Value
As a music-lover who started playing the flute since childhood, the founder of Wind Music, Ken Yang, is lucky to have music accompany him in much of the course of his growing up experience. Such a passion toward music helps him realize that he could make the world a much better place by sharing music with people. It is the belief in the power of music that drives Ken to found Wind Music.

Uniqueness from the East
The philosophy from the East is distinguished for its harmonious wisdom. They were mostly manifested in Book of Change (Yi-Ching), the concepts of Ying and Yang, the Five Elements, and the Daoist School of thoughts. Thus, Wind Music strives to capture the insights and values of these timeless philosophical wisdom and cultural heritage in order to embody them in music. To this end, Wind music tries to utilize modern and creative ways to recreate the unique Chinese music imagery and to relate with modern living in the 21st century. We wish to provide our special musical elements to nourish modern human¡¦s body, mind and spirit.

Ideal of Preserving Chinese and Taiwanese Cultural Heritage
Wind Music has published numerous collections of documentary recordings in order to preserve and protect cultural heritages facing extinction. We have traveled to the remote countryside and recorded the music and sounds of isolated minority cultures. We actively try to live up to our ideals and are very proud to play a part in preserving the history of Chinese music.

Playing a Creative and Active Role in the Music Industry
Wind Music strives to make available and popularize a wider range of music to the general public. To this end we conduct workshops, seminars, speeches and concerts. As to the purpose of establishing peculiarities in music area, we have even created a new composing style that makes our music distinguished itself from the existing western classical music and modern popular music.

The Distributing Network¡XA Multi-Oriented and Internationalized Approach

A Complete Domestic Distributing Network:
Wind Music has successfully built a complete domestic distributing network that covers: the traditional retailing such as music stores and bookstores, the special retailing approaches such as setting up systems of music listening in stores, attending exhibitions, internet marketing and marketing in specialized stores, and finally, the alternative channels which include Wind Music stores, chain stores, mail order and telephone marketing.

A Comprehensive International Distributing Network
Nowadays, Wind Music¡¦s products in music are spread worldwide and also generating sales internationally. The international distribution strategies of Wind Music function through carefully selecting recordings of high quality from countries around the world to add to our offerings so that listeners will be provided with more choices to enjoy the artistic exquisiteness of music from different cultures. By means of the two-way distribution network, we wish to bring more perspectives into Taiwan¡¦s music arena and further to promote a better accomplishment in the making of music and an environment that is abundant with musical activities.

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