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Seven Days

Producer: He Xuntian
Artists: He XuntianDADAWA (Zhu Zhe-qin)

1.DAY 1. Flown Away 05:03 NT$0
2.DAY 2. Fragrant Nirvana Tree 06:14 NT$0
3.DAY 3. In the Setting of the Sun 05:18 NT$0
4.DAY 4. Already Song NT$0
5.DAY 5. Satori 06:39 NT$0
6.DAY 6. Passing By the Earth 07:20 NT$0
7.DAY 7. The Seventh Day 06:16 NT$0

The 7th Independent Music Awards (IMA) Winner for the "Best World Fusion album" in 2008. (Vox Populi)
BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music Nominee in the Best Artist Asia Region category by Dadawa in 2007.

Enlightenment City in seven days each day opens up a new realization as you acquire it you and your suffering part company
Multivariant organic unity. The music raises a tidal flow to a new sense of hearing, a new source of affection, a new physical experience.
Multivariant organic unity. Possesses the genetic spirit of East-West multivariant styles, but without the form of existing East-West musical styles. The music transforms into a new structure, a new language. It raises a tidal flow to a new sense of hearing, a new source of affection, a new physical experience.
There is no pre-existing fixed realm. There is a kernel of every realm, but there is no outer shell of any existing realm. It is a new realm, a land of enlightenment. Wherever the enlightened one goes, that road leads to enlightenment; wherever the enlightened one stops, that place is a city of enlightenment; the road and the city accompany the enlightened one.
The unenlightened one is subject to radical alterations of mood, and may feel happy for no legitimate reason, sad for no legitimate reason. The state of the enlightened one is both an alternation and a fusion of a trembling soul, an illusion-free soul, and a tranquil soul. The music is precisely the affective state of this alternation and fusion.

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