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Traditional Chinese Music >Solar Music> Drum Music Land-Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

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Drum Music Land-Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

Producer: Wu Judy Chin-tai
Artists: Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

1.Riding Winds and breaking Waves NT$0
2.As Fast As Wind and Lightning NT$0
3.Bragging Cock NT$0
4.Rebirth of Four Seasons NT$0
5.Legend of Lu Er Men - Door of Taiwan NT$0

2010 Grammy Award Nominations Best Traditional World Music

Out of Formosa comes a percussion sound to rock the world

Their performances at the Sydney Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in South Korea energized the globe

This album, produced through the international collaboration of Taiwan Golden Melody award-winning producer Wu Judy Chin-tai and Grammy award-winning engineer Kavichandran Alexander, is a collection of high fidelity recordings from the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group¡¦s world tours over the years. The Ten Drum Art Percussion Group was formed in the spring of 2000 with the goal of publicizing Taiwan¡¦s homegrown percussion culture, developing local percussion art aesthetics, creating a Taiwan-based percussion style, and promoting Taiwanese percussion on the international stage.

¡iAbout Ten Drum Art Percussion Group¡j
Ten Drum Art Percussion Group¡¦s major goal was to capture local Taiwanese culture and to train future percussionists. In addition to promoting the art of percussion, Ten Drum Art Percussion Group aims to foster humanistic education, provide special education opportunities, enlighten multiple intelligences, popularize drum arts, create and hand down local percussion traditions, and encourage an exchange of global cultures. With these goals in mind, ¡§Ten Drum¡¨ seeks to create and teach local percussion, in the hope that this will inspire local citizens to value the traditional drum arts of Taiwan, as well as establish a distinctive drum arts style for this land.

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